Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Daft Punk

Immerse yourself in the electronic soundscape of Daft Punk's fourth studio album, "Random Access Memories" on vinyl. From the groovy opening track "Give Life Back to Music" to the infectious "Get Lucky" appreciate the French duo's meticulous production and the warm analog sound.

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  1. Give Life Back to Music
  2. The Game of Love
  3. Giorgio by Moroder
  4. Within
  5. Instant Crush
  6. Lose Yourself to Dance
  7. Touch
  8. Get Lucky
  9. Beyond
  10. Motherboard
  11. Fragments of Time
  12. Doin' It Right
  13. Contact

Product Details

  • Format: 12" Vinyl
  • Genre: Electronic, Disco
  • Release Date: May 17, 2013