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Some of the best tracks are listened to in isolation and some of the best albums go undiscovered - we want to change that...

Come together

Here at VinylBox, we all love music – it’s a given - but we are also obsessed with the concept of sharing music. For us music is not only about the sounds and words that were created by the artist but the emotional connection that is derived from albums and songs.

There is something truly unique about the joy and discovery of music; listening to a new album over a glass of wine with friends, hearing your favourite song live at a concert for the first time, or listening to some beats drift across the bar to you and seeking it out to add to your favourites. We want to capture these moments and memories on vinyl.

Uniting people through vinyl

Music can make us laugh or cry, open up to new genres, feel nostalgic or be encouraged to party. Music unites people and it can bring us together, creating memories that last a lifetime, allowing us to reminisce on our past through music.

However, in the digital age, we can often feel stuck looking for the next track, often relying on playlists and hearing the same tracks over and over again. In 2020 there have been even less ways of experiencing new music, so we are bringing that to your door, in a box.

We do the crate digging

We want to help those who love vinyl and would like to start, or add, to their library by curating three albums into one box of meaningful collections.

We do the crate digging, so you don’t have to and only curate albums into our collections rated four to five stars by real music lovers from all over the world. This allows you to unbox hidden gems and listen to music as it is meant to be heard - one track at a time.

One box. Three surprise albums.

Share the joy of vinyl.

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