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The British music scene has been a major influence on the global music industry for decades. The UK has produced some of the most iconic and influential bands and artists in various genres such as rock, pop, electronic, and hip hop, with the scene characterised by its diversity and constant evolution, with new genres and subgenres emerging regularly and artists constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music.

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection:

Second Coming

The Stone Roses

Second Coming

The Stone Roses

The second studio album by the much beloved Mancunian indie-rock band The Stone Roses.

Second Coming features tribal rhythms, 1970s-style extended guitar riffs, funky rock/blues workouts with jazz elements and campfire style songs such as 'Your Star Will Shine' and 'Tightrope' that hint at the band's rural surroundings at the time.

The album went platinum in the UK and sold 1 million copies worldwide.


A1 - Breaking Into Heaven

A2 - Driving South

B1 - Ten Storey Love Song

B2 - Daybreak

B3 - Your Star Will Shine

B4 - Straight To The Man

C1 - Begging You

C2 - Tightrope

C3 - Good Times

D1 - Tears

D2 - How Do You Sleep

D3 - Love Spreads



'Dummy' is the debut studio album by Bristol-founded electronic band Portishead, released in 1994.

The album won the 1995 Mercury Music Prize after receiving critical acclaim, and is often cited in the best albums of the '90s.


A1 - Mysterons

A2 - Sour Times

A3 - Strangers

A4 - It Could Be Sweet

A5 - Wandering Star

B1 - Numb

B2 - Roads

B3 - Pedestal

B4 - Biscuit

B5 - Glory Box


Kaiser Chiefs


Kaiser Chiefs

Duck is the sound of one of the most successful British guitar bands of the millennium reclaiming the creative swagger that underpins their strongest work.

Standout tracks include the surging indie-pop anthem, Record Collection which captures the uplifting melodies and effortless songcraft of the new album and the huge anthem People Know How To Love One Another.

It’s a record that harks back to the everyday explorations of their breakthrough early albums.


A1 - People Know How To Love One Another

A2 - Golden Oldies

A3 - Wait

A4 - Target Market

A5 - Don't Just Stand There Do Something

B1 - Record Collection

B2 - The Only Ones

B3 - Electric Heart

B4 - Northern Holiday

B5 - Kurt Vs. Frasier (The Battle for Seattle)

Open Up Your Head

Sea Girls

Open Up Your Head

Sea Girls

Melancholy and realistic about the modern youth's struggles, Sea Girls' debut does enough to avoid indie's usual hedonistic pitfalls

Rather than play up to the eternal teenage escape that is being in a band, Sea Girls try to twist that tragic trope into something more meaningful. 'I’m not going to live forever, why would I even try?' asks Camamile ‘Forever’. 'Kill the past, forget the future,' he demands on the desert runaway of ‘Weight In Gold’ as the band try to embrace the present, while ‘Ready For More’ laughs at rose-tinted nostalgia ('Learning to drive, first time getting high…best time of your life, how shit if that’s right?').

‘Open Up Your Head’ is an accomplished debut that takes Sea Girls’ brand of indie-rock on countless new adventures, and leaves plenty of doors ajar for further exploration for a genre in dire need of a kick up the backside.


A1 - Transplant

A2 - All I Want To Hear You Say

A3 - Do You Really Wanna Know?

A4 - Lie To Me

A5 - Call Me Out

A6 - Closer

A7 - Forever

B1 - Weight In Gold

B2 - Ready For More

B3 - Violet

B4 - Shake

B5 - Damage Done

B6 - You Over Anyone

B7 - Moving On

A Billion Heartbeats

Mystery Jets

A Billion Heartbeats

Mystery Jets

By turns tender and fierce, abstract and full of classic rock energy, A Billion Heartbeats achieves a balance of passion, fear and hope.

Amid the colourful cavalcade of rich harmonies, heavy guitars and rallying cries, the album’s essential message - about personal responsibility, and the power in becoming engaged. In a sense, it's not just their "state of the nation” record but their “state of a generation” record too.


A1 - Screwdriver 

A2 - Petty Drone 

B1 - History Has It's Eyes On You 

B2 - A Billion Heartbeats 

B3 - Endless City 

C1 - Hospital Radio 

C2 - Cenotaph 

D1 - Campfire Song 

D2 - Watching Yourself Slowly Disappear 

D3 - Wrong Side Of The Tracks

The Universal Want


The Universal Want


The kings of catchy melancholia are back after a decade away – and their tried and tested blueprint has lost none of its magic

Doves release their fifth long player The Universal Want on Virgin EMI. On lead track Prisoners Doves forces attention upon itself, not least with the poignancy of Goodwin’s repeated greeting to ‘old friends’, but as an unstoppable, driving tale of caution in a world of unending desire. 

Produced by Doves with Dan Austin and recorded at the band’s own Frank Bough Sound III studios in North West England, the high heat of its Northern Soul beat is fanned by wiry guitar breaks and cuts of ethereal noise contorting beneath layers of stacked vocals.
A statuesque musical statement, Prisoners guides Doves’ second chapter to a peak now within touching distance, the lyrics contrasting to express unease with modern ills.


A1 - Carousels 

A2 - I Will Not Hide 

A3 - Broken Eyes 

A4 - For Tomorrow 

A5 - Cathedrals Of The Mind 

B1 - Prisoners 

B2 - Cycle Of Hurt 

B3 - Mother Silverlake 

B4 - Universal Want 

B5 - Forest House


Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires


Akin to gobbling an entire pack of Fruit Pastilles; colourful, maybe a little sickly, but you sure as hell want to experience it again.

From the opening piano house of ‘Can’t Wait Forever’, it’s clear they’ve truly embraced their over-the-top nature. By the time it moves into the Disclosure-produced ‘Heaven Let Me In’, it’s hard not to be swept up in it. These songs are fine-tuned to the nth degree.


1. Can't Wait Forever

2. Heaven Let Me In

3. Silhouettes

4. Offline

5. Sleeptalking

6. Kiss And Rewind

7. Love Like Waves

8. Lack Of Love

9. Cry Wolf

10. Almost Midnight

11. Run The Wild Flowers

After The Rain

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

After The Rain

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

The atmosphere is hushed and hymnal: the 26-year old’s almost-whispered vocals and gently plucked guitar glide over softly pattering drums and occasional electronics.

This York singer-songwriter has been through a lot since his 2011 debut, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm. He lost his father to cancer, and spent a dark period holed up in his late parent’s old house, trying to destroy himself. This has all had an impact on his second album, but the songs are more about renewal after turbulence than wallowing in despair.


1. Tilikum 
2. Some Other Arms 
3. She Will Sing 
4. Kicking Roses 
5. Summer 
6. Just Breathe 
7. Cocaine Doll 
8. Groves 
9. Day By Day 
10. Immortal 
11. Mayflies 
12. Frozen Moor

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What's in the Box

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