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About This Box

This diverse box asks for an active listening experience and will leave the listener with a twinkle in their ear. It's a safe start for anyone who is looking to dip their toes in the pool of programming but gives long time lovers and authentic wade in every waveform.


What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection:

A Tenuous Tale of Her


A Tenuous Tale of Her


Poté crafts atmospheric beats on new album, ‘A Tenuous Tale Of Her’

Originally born in St. Lucia, Poté seeks to combine the dynamic percussive energy of his roots with the expressive, emotion driven song writing that drove him to music in the first place. This newest venture finds him exploring vast soundscapes teeming with focused energy while also diving into self-reflection of his own internal experiences.

The beautiful ebbs and flows skate from the atmospheric waves of “Plastic Prayers” to the pulsing beat of “Young Lies” featuring Damon Albarn, creating a truly immersive listen for all those who stream start to stop.


A1 - Under

A2 - Stare

A3 - Lows

A4 - Valley

A5 - Valley II

B1 - Pretty Penny's Interlude

B2 - Open Up

B3 - Young Lies

B4 - Good2U

B5 - Plastic Prayers

B6 - Together

Kingdoms In Colour

Maribou State

Kingdoms In Colour

Maribou State

Take a deep breath, lay back and soak in the technicolour empire Maribou State have crafted on this album – you’ll feel at one with our world for it.

Maribou State's ability to stitch together pop sensibilities with a plethora of unique sounds, sets them apart from the already overflowing quagmire of electronic-pop. Kingdoms In Colour is an album that lingers with you even once it has finished; leaving an afterglow of warmth on everyone it touches.


A1 - Beginner’s Luck

A2 - Kingdom

A3 - Turnmills

A4 - Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)

A5 - Glasshouses

A6 - Part Time Glory

A7 - Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)

A8 - Slow Heat (feat. Holly Walker)

A9 - Vale

A10 - Kāma





Drawing from progressive house and electro with flashes of synth-wave drama, BRONSON's debut album is filled with tense, steadily building tracks which aren't afraid to venture into unfamiliar directions.

ODESZA and Golden Features have released their debut self-titled album as BRONSON. A cross-Pacific collab that took place primarily over Facetime calls and email, but cemented during a 2018 trip to Berry, Australia, the new album presents a slightly different look at each of their music, while combining much of what makes their music each so singularly popular and unique.


A1 - Foundation

A2 - Heart Attack" (featuring lau.ra)

A3 - Bline

A4 - Know Me" (featuring Gallant)

A5 - Vaults

A6 - Tense

A7 - Call Out

A8 - Contact

A9 - Keep Moving

A10 - Dawn (featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)





With Ruinism, Howard sets out on a whole new path to conceiving his music.

With Ruinism, Lapalux has succeeded in achieving something genuinely unique. It’s not a case of him throwing the pieces in the air to see where they fall as every track is still clearly painstakingly put together. Rather, it has freed himself from his expectations and his routine to achieve an unexpected purpose. It is a method that has resulted in one of the stand-out electronic releases of the year so far.


A1 - Reverence

A2 - Data Demon (feat. GABI)

A3 - Petty Passion

B1 - Rotted Arp (feat. Louisahhh)

B2 - Falling Down (feat. JFDR)

B3 - Displacer

C1 - 4EVA (feat. Talvi)

C2 - Essex Is Burning

C3 - Flickering (feat. JFDR)

D1 - Running To Evaporate

D2 - Phase Violet

D3 - Tessellate

What We Call Life

Jordan Rakei

What We Call Life

Jordan Rakei

A rich texture of sounds and concepts, masterfully weaved together by an artist at the top of their game. By rights, it will become essential modern listening - a thought-provoking and utterly compelling collection of tracks, delivered with understated yet captivating style.

What We Call Life is Rakei’s most complete album to date, a rich texture of sounds and concepts, masterfully weaved together by an artist at the top of their game.

By rights, it will become essential modern listening - a thought-provoking and utterly compelling collection of tracks, delivered with understated yet captivating style.


1. Family 
2. Send My Love 
3. Illusion 
4. Unguarded 
5. Clouds 
6. What We Call Life 
7. Runaway 
8. Wings 
9. Brace 
10. The Flood



Home is a groovy, infectious and deeply listenable record, recommended for all fans of repetitive electronic beats.

The glassy digitals of Home make for a strikingly crafted and finely detailed album that rewards sitting down and experiencing it in full. Romare subtly cultivates intimacy by cannily coalescing euphoria and melancholia; his increasingly precise command of his baubles of affirmation enables him to rise above his peers.


A1 - Gone

A2 - Dreams

B1 - Sunshine

B2 - The River

B3 - Deliverance

C1 - High

C2 - You See

D1 - Heaven

D2 - Home

Mild Minds


Mild Minds


Mild Minds gives listeners a moment of serenity during a time of chaos with his debut album MOOD

Out now for your listening pleasure, MOOD is the first full-length album from Australian music producer Mild Minds. The album comes after his debut EP SWIM, which recently brought in a GRAMMY nomination for the ford remix. With the release of this album, Mild Minds brings his own unique sound to the label and is here to fill the Odesza sized hole in your heart.


A1 - Movements

A2 - Embracer

A3 - Walls

A4 - Oblivious

B1 - Swim

B2 - Formations

B3 - Destinations

B4 - Dopamine

B5 - Views

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