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These artists are no strangers to the main stage over the decades

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This group of iconic artists have headlined festivals across the world and have decades of experience between them.

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Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection of eight:


Elvis Costello & The Attractions


Elvis Costello

The truth is that Trust is probably the most diverse and yet consistently great album that Elvis & the Attractions ever released.

Probably Costello’s most underrated album, Trust is sophisticated and varied, and something of a deep breath following the heedless rush of the records which had preceded it. It’s a remarkable collection of songs which represents yet another high water mark in the early career of a young juggernaut seemingly incapable of anything less than brilliance.


A1 - Clubland

A2 - Lovers Walk

A3 - You'll Never Be A Man

A4 - Pretty Words

A5 - Strict Time

A6 - Luxembourg

A7 - Watch Your Step

B1 - New Lace Sleeves

B2 - From A Whisper To A Scream

B3 - Different Finger

B4 - White Knuckles

B5 - Shot With His Own Gun

B6 - Fish 'N' Chip Paper

B7 - Big Sister's Clothes

So Long See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club

So Long See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club's latest So Long, See You Tomorrow is an often dazzling, euphoric electronic-pop record where the band has decided to depart from their jangly indie pop roots.

first single “Carry Me” and opener “Overdone” show Bombay Bicycle Club getting newly aggressive, where they just want to express their joy in discovering different forms of sonic expression.

The pummeling drum track of “Overdone” would’ve been ear-turning enough, but the title becomes a wink as the band piles on battling countermelodies, percussive synths, staggered drops and octave-shifted guitars. Meanwhile, “Carry Me” boasts the closest thing to a guitar riff, but it sounds more like a trombone over an impossibly jerky, inhuman rhythm, imagining Hidden-era These New Puritans as flower children rather than warmongers.


1. Overdone 
2. It's Alright Now 
3. Carry Me 
4. Home By Now 
5. Whenever, Wherever 
6. Luna 
7. Eyes Off You 
8. Feel 
9. Come To 
10. So Long, See You Tomorrow

World's Strongest Man

Gaz Coombes

World's Strongest Mantest

Gaz Coombes

The former Supergrass man is trying to be more like the man he wants himself and other men to be

A key inspiration was reading Grayson Perry’s assessment of contemporary manhood The Descent Of Man.

The book resonated on a personal level, making him contemplate his conduct as a man in the context of being a partner, a father to two daughters, a son, and a songwriter, but also as a male who feels compelled more generally to be an active participant in deconstructing and rebuilding masculinity in order to create a better, fairer, more equal society.


A1 - Linger

A2 - Dreams

A3 - When You’re Gone

A4 - Dreaming My Dreams

A5 - Ridiculous Thoughts

B1 - Zombie

B2 - Just My Imagination

B3 - Analyse

B4 - Promises

B5 - I Can’t Be With You

B6 - Salvation

The Laughing Apple

Yusuf / Cat Stephens

The Laughing Apple

Yusuf / Cat Stephens

A late-career highlight

The Laughing Apple consists of three new songs and eight re-interpretations of forgotten tracks from the Sixties and Seventies. Although the source material comes from various periods, the album's mood is distinctly Tea for the Tillerman-era. Partly, of course, it's Yusuf's iconic voice – the passage of time has simply served to make his vocals more avuncular. But mainly the LP evokes the glory years because of the presence of some top-notch songs.


A1 - Blackness Of The Night

A2 - See What Love Did To Me

A3 - The Laughing Apple

A4 - Olive Hill

A5 - Grandsons

B1 - Mighty Peace

B2 - Mary And The Little Lamb

B3 - You Can Do (Whatever)!

B4 - Northern Wind (Death Of Billy The Kid)

B5 - Don't Blame Them

B6 - I'm So Sleepy


Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams

Prisoner isn't a heartbreak record - it's potentially THE heartbreak record

More so than his alt-country covers of zeitgeisty non-country albums or his arbitrary forays into arena rock and heavy metal wish- fulfilment, what Ryan Adams truly excels at is documenting and dissecting failed relationships.


A1 - Do You Still Love Me?

A2 - Prisoner

A3 - Doomsday

A4 - Haunted House

A5 - Shiver and Shake

A6 - To Be Without You

B1 - Anything I Say To You Now

B2 - Breakdown

B3 - Outbound Train

B4 - Broken Anyway

B5 - Tightrope

B6 - We Disappear

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie

A Commodore makes a solo statement

Lionel Richie was still a Commodore when he released his first, self-titled album on October 6, 1982. But such was its immense success that there was no turning back. Four million sales in the US alone sent a very clear message that his fans wanted Lionel solo.


A1 - Serves You Right

A2 - Wandering Stranger

A3 - Tell Me

A4 - My Love

B1 - Round And Round

B2 - Truly

B3 - You Are

B4 - You Mean More To Me

B5 - Just Put Some Love In Your Heart





Beck takes on a new cosmic identity with aplomb, roping in Pharrell to achieve pop minimalism that proves there's no sound he can't excel at

Beck and Pharrell first discussed the idea of working together in 1999, but it’s taken almost 20 years to finally bring the two together. Beck is the master of unpredictability and has, since his debut, experimented with all manner of styles, including lo-fi, rock, funk, pop and folk. Here, he pushes that unpredictability to its very limit – and sometimes, the songs break.


A1 - Hyperlife

A2 - Uneventful Days

A3 - Saw Lightning

A4 - Die Waiting

A5 - Chemical

A6 - See Through

B1 - Hyperspace

B2 - Stratosphere

B3 - Dark Places

B4 - Star

B5 - Everlasting Nothing

Language.Sex. Violence.Other?


Language.Sex. Violence.Other?


‘Language. Sex. Violence. Other?’ is an excellent modern rock record. Dense, intelligent, user-unfriendly and challenging, its sparse artwork and one-word titles give it the feel of an early Factory release.

There’s no gentle easing-in, either. ‘Superman’ is jarring and bilious. An opening line of, “You don’t know what it’s been like/Meeting someone like you” signposts from the off that cuddly Rod Stewart covers will not be with us this evening. Ugly guitar slashes and agonised falsetto take their place, and they sound fantastic.

‘Language…’ finds the Stereophonics sexy, angry, hungry, focused and (generally) intelligent. And, wonder of all wonders, it finds them seriously good.


A1 - Superman 

A2 - Doorman 

A3 - Brother 

A4 - Devil 

A5 - Dakota 

B1 - Rewind 

B2 - Pedalpusher 

B3 - Girl 

B4 - Lolita 

B5 - Deadhead 

B6 - Feel

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