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Harry's House (Limited Edition Yellow LP)

Harry’s House is extremely well turned out, ticks a lot of the right boxes and has abundant charm, which makes it a perfect reflection of the pop star who made it.


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In this boxset

What is in the box
Limited edition yellow vinyl
Harry's House lyric booklet
Exclusive postcard
What is in the box

About the boxset

Harry has pulled off the neat trick of making his music at once elegant and more refined but also warmer and more intimate — the polished-marble smoothness of Steely Dan with the generosity of an Al Green or Yo La Tengo record.

Album Image

Track listing

Side A

A1 - Music For A Sushi Restaurant

A2 - Late Night Talking

A3 - Grapejuice

A4 - As It Was

A5 - Daylight

A6 - Little Freak

A7 - Matilda

Side B

B1 - Cinema

B2 - Daydreaming

B3 - Keep Driving

B4 - Satellite

B5 - Boyfriends

B6 - Love Of My Life