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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Free delivery

Free returns

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Inside you’ll find surprise albums, curated around a monthly theme.

Tweak and adjust your box until you’re happy; swap out albums, or change themes before delivery.

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Good selection of vinyl, all new and packaged well. The art cards received are nice doubling up as post cards on the back. Value for money is tip top too and would recommend as a means of finding new music and broadening your collection.

Dan Robinson

Our boxes

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With the help of our curators - trusted music aficionados, personalities and influencers - we carefully theme each VinylBox, including only 4-5 star rated albums.

What's in the box?

2x or 3x surprise albums

Each VinylBox contains carefully selected albums; a headliner, a household name and a hidden gem. (Don’t worry, before we ship, you can take a peek and veto an album or two.)

2x Exclusive Art Cards

Partnering with the EMI Archive Trust, each VinylBox contains two beautiful art cards, depicting moments from music history.

1x VinylBox sleeve note

Our beautiful sleeve notes produced in collaboration Universal Music’s uDiscover team offer stories into some of music’s most fascinating movements, artists and albums.

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Discover new music

With millions of vinyl albums released through the years, we do the crate digging, so you don’t have to, instead we use the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to cut through the noise to bring you the best music.

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In the UK the average price of a vinyl album is £20.31. However, here at VinylBox we are excited to bring you 3 amazing new albums direct to your door for at least 30% off the RRP, including postage & packaging.

Monthly music drops

New music and boxes drop monthly, so there’s always something new to listen to. And no matter how long you subscribe for, you’ll never get the same album twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you refresh your VinylBox selections?

As a subscriber, each month you will be the first to hear about the new boxes available. We are all about helping you build your collection, so new boxes (and therefore albums) will be essential to our journey together.

I already have an album that is in this month’s box?

Unlike nearly all vinyl subscription clubs, we let you know what albums we are going to send BEFORE they arrive at your door. Emails will be sent from the second week of each month detailing 6 albums which your box of 3 will be chosen from. As a subscriber you will have the option to veto up to 2 records or choose another VinylBox.

What if I don’t like the new month’s genre?

No problem at all! We appreciate music is very personal, so whilst we encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone, we understand that some genres will never be to some people’s taste.

Every month you have the option to select any one of our 18 boxes on site for your monthly subscription.

What if I don’t have a record player?

We've partnered with Crosley to provide you the perfect player to embark on your VinylBox membership. Members will receive a code upon signing up with an exclusive discount.

This isn’t one of those subscriptions that lock you in contracts you can’t escape is it?

Certainly not! There is no long term contract and no hidden fees. You can pause, skip and cancel at any time.

Even for annual members, if during the year you decide VinylBox isn’t for you, we will offer you a pro-rata refund.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! For international shipping there are currently 4 shipping group rates, ranging from £9.55-£12.55 for Europe and £30 for ROW - please enter your address details at checkout to confirm accurate shipping costs.

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