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About This Box

This collection offer stunning examples of artists that grace the Modern Mainstages at festivals all over the world.

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection of eight:

The Balance

Catfish and the Bottlemen

The Balance

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Perhaps the evolution towards a heavier indie rock sound shows that The Balance is a true reflection of the band’s brief hiatus, and a more direct link to their relationship with their fans. Either way this album is golden, the songs are undeniably classic Catfish, but they suit and compliment the new era of the Bottlemen.


A1 Longshot

A2 Fluctuate

A3 2 All

A4 Conversation

A5 Sidetrack

B1 Encore

B2 Basically

B3 Intermission

B4 Mission

B5 Coincide

B6 Overlap



Friendly Fires


Akin to gobbling an entire pack of Fruit Pastilles; colourful, maybe a little sickly, but you sure as hell want to experience it again.

From the opening piano house of ‘Can’t Wait Forever’, it’s clear they’ve truly embraced their over-the-top nature. By the time it moves into the Disclosure-produced ‘Heaven Let Me In’, it’s hard not to be swept up in it. These songs are fine-tuned to the nth degree.


1. Can't Wait Forever

2. Heaven Let Me In

3. Silhouettes

4. Offline

5. Sleeptalking

6. Kiss And Rewind

7. Love Like Waves

8. Lack Of Love

9. Cry Wolf

10. Almost Midnight

11. Run The Wild Flowers


Bullet For My Valentine


Bullet For My Valentine

It sounds massive, cavernous in places even – a sonic revolution.

The beauty of an album like Gravity is that there is a duology at work in its title – the heaviness you have come to expect with a new lightness and journey you did not see coming. It is the band’s ability to play against themselves and work their journey into a two-fold opus that sets them apart from their contemporaries.


A1 Leap Of Faith

A2 Over It

A3 Letting You Go

A4 Not Dead Yet

A5 The Very Last Time

B1 Piece Of Me

B2 Under Again

B3 Gravity

B4 Coma

B5 Don't Need You

B6 Breathe Underwater

No Man's Land

Frank Turner

No Man's Land

Frank Turner

On No Man's Land, Frank Turner celebrates everyone from his mother, a spy, a serial killer, a CPR dummy, to more saintly beings on his tribute to women using only female accompanists.

The eighth studio album from folk-punk singer Frank Turner, ‘No Man’s Land’ is a thorough reflection of feminist outlook as it journeys through the life of 13 brilliant women – 12 from the forgotten past, and the other from the present in the form of his compassionate mother.


A1 Jinny Bingham's Ghost

A2 Sister Rosetta

A3 I Believed You, William Blake

A4 Nica

A5 A Perfect Wife Lyrics

A6 Silent Key (No Man's Land version)

A7 Eye of the Day

B8 The Death of Dora Hand

B9 The Graveyard Of The Outcast Dead

B10 The Lioness

B11 The Hymn of Kassiani

B12 Rescue Annie

B13 Rosemary Jane

Notes On A Conditional Form

The 1975

Notes on a Conditional Form

The 1975

This sprawling album, which encompasses everything from electronica to anarcho-punk, sees Matty Healy take a wrecking ball to his own ego

Instead of issuing another state-of-the-world album, The 1975 have somehow put out an album made for introspection and headphone listening and dancing around your living room, something deep and sprawling and occasionally silly to dig deep into over many listens, during which your favourite track will shift on a daily basis.


1. The 1975

2. People

3. The End (Music For Cars)

4. Frail State Of Mind

5. Streaming

6. The Birthday Party

7. Yeah I Know

8. Then Because She Goes

9. Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America

10. Roadkill

11. Me & You Together Song

12. I Think There's Something You Should Know

13. Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied

14. Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)

15. Shiny Collarbone

16. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)

17. Playing On My Mind

18. Having No Head

19. What Should I Say

20. Bagsy Not In Net

21. Don't Worry

22. Guys

The Centre Won't Hold

Sleater Kinney

The Centre Won't Hold

Sleater Kinney

This is an album full of friction: between bodies, generations and, it turns out, the band themselves.

Propelled by sharp, angular sounds, ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ craves connection above everything else in a world that can often seem desperately lonely. Each dirty and distorted throb (unlocked to full potential by Annie Clark’s gift for making guitars sound positively devilish) seems to yearn for another body to hold onto.


A1 The Center Won't Hold 

A2 Hurry On Home 

A3 Reach Out 

A4 Can I Go On 

A5 Restless 

B1 Ruins 

B2 Love 

B3 Bad Dance 

B4 The Future Is Here 

B5 The Dog/The Body 

B6 Broken

Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic is a rare beast: a pop album with a songwriter's heart, and one that works on both levels.

Drastic Fantastic moves from the jangly guitar, vocal harmonies and power pop of 'Little Favours' to unashamed indie love song 'Funnyman' and the kd lang simplicity of 'Hopeless'. By 'Beauty of Uncertainty', which runs at just over five minutes, Tunstall has turned to sultry, intimate vocals set against simple bluesy guitar-picking. But you can't keep a great voice down: folky bit out of the way, KT soars and swoops to the finale.

Drastic Fantastic is bursting with so many hits that you'll see why Tunstall's comic-book life went stratospheric.


1. Little Favours

2. If Only

3. White Bird

4. Funnyman

5. Hold On

6. Hopeless

7. I Don't Want You Now

8. Saving My Face

9. Beauty Of Uncertainty

10. Someday Soon

11. Paper Aeroplane

Californian Soil

London Grammar

Californian Soil

London Grammar

London Grammar have managed to distil the ecstasy that permeates the house-laced ending of the band’s single ‘Metal & Dust’, imbuing the album with this fizzing energy.

London Grammar’s third album ‘Californian Soil’ marks several shifts for the group. Sonically, it’s the most upbeat they’ve ever sounded, but it’s behind the scenes that the major change occurred, with vocalist Hannah Reid stepping up into a leadership position.


1. Intro

2. Californian Soil

3. Missing

4. Lose Your Head

5. Lord It's A Feeling

6. How Does It Feel

7. Baby It's You

8. Call Your Friends

9. All My Love

10. Talking

11. I Need The Night

12. America

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