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Pop Powerhouses

A VinylBox dedicated to all things pop and the artists who you'll regularly see touring areas and stadiums around the world

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About This Box

A VinylBox dedicated to all things pop and the artists who you'll regularly see touring areas and stadiums around the world

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection:


Ellie Goulding


Ellie Goulding

Halcyon is a bold and confident step forward.

On “Halcyon” Goulding marries thoughtful ruminations on young love to whooshing synth riffs and hard-edged machine beats; the album claims electronic dance music as the natural province of sensitive singer-songwriters.


A1 Don't Say A Word

A2 My Blood

A3 Anything Could Happen

A4 Only You

A5 Halcyon

A6 Figure 8

A7 Joy

B1 Hanging On

B2 Explosions

B3 I Know You Care

B4 Atlantis

B5 Dead In The Water

B6 I Need Your Love (Bonus Track ft Calvin Harris)

B7 Lights (Single Version) (Bonus Track)


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga

Gaga rediscovers the riot on her most personal album

With incomparable flair, the pop diva returns to her dance-pop days with a fabulously fun and deeply personal album that is at turns bizarre, theatrical, and ambitious.


A1 Chromatica I

A2 Alice

A3 Stupid Love

A4 Rain On Me

A5 Free Woman

A6 Fun Tonight

A7 Chromatica II

A8 911

B1 Plastic Doll

B2 Sour Candy (ft BLACKPINK)

B3 Enigma

B4 Replay

B5 Chromatica III

B6 Sine From Above (ft Elton John)

B7 1000 Doves

B8 Babylon

Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic

KT Tunstall

Drastic Fantastic is a rare beast: a pop album with a songwriter's heart, and one that works on both levels.

Drastic Fantastic moves from the jangly guitar, vocal harmonies and power pop of 'Little Favours' to unashamed indie love song 'Funnyman' and the kd lang simplicity of 'Hopeless'. By 'Beauty of Uncertainty', which runs at just over five minutes, Tunstall has turned to sultry, intimate vocals set against simple bluesy guitar-picking. But you can't keep a great voice down: folky bit out of the way, KT soars and swoops to the finale.

Drastic Fantastic is bursting with so many hits that you'll see why Tunstall's comic-book life went stratospheric.


1. Little Favours

2. If Only

3. White Bird

4. Funnyman

5. Hold On

6. Hopeless

7. I Don't Want You Now

8. Saving My Face

9. Beauty Of Uncertainty

10. Someday Soon

11. Paper Aeroplane

The Architect

Paloma Faith

The Architect

Paloma Faith

With The Architect, Faith has constructed an album of empowered, mainstream pop that retains all of the complexity, artfulness, and raw emotion of her previous work.

While the album is by no means overtly political, there is a sense that Faith (who was pregnant with her first child while recording The Architect) was deeply moved by the state of the world and how events like political uprisings and military oppression affect individuals.

Featured are several spoken word tracks beginning with the motivational opener by actor Samuel L. Jackson, and including writer Owen Jones' mid-album speech, "The Politics of Hope," in which he discusses how to effect positive societal change in the face of monolithic fear mongering.

Thankfully, none of these moments slow the album's flow and only work to underpin Faith's overall message of overcoming adversity.


A1 - Evolution

A2 - The Architect

A3 - Guilty

A4 - Crybaby

A5 - I'll Be Gentle

A6 - Politics of Hope

A7 - Kings and Queens

A8 - Surrender

B1 - Warrior

B2 - Til I'm Done

B3 - Lost and Lonely

B4 - Still Around

B5 - Pawns

B6 - WW3

B7 - Love Me as I Am

Have U Seen Her?


Have U Seen Her?


Pop bangers and searing confessionals from Finland’s next great hope

The fluorescent-haired star, who long transcended her talent show beginnings, explores the darker side of hedonism with this pulsating debut


A1 Have U Seen Her?

A2 LA Money

A3 Worst Behaviour

A4 Stay All Night

A5 Bad News Baby

A6 Nightmare

B7 Mama

B8 King Of The Castle

B9 My Girl

B10 Find Me

B11 Loser

B12 Final Fantasy

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