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Jay Rock


Jay Rock

After a life-threatening motorcycle accident, Jay Rock returns with his strongest album yet, a collection of rap songs that highlight his struggle and journey.

Redemption is the most cohesive of Jay Rock's albums. He he puts up a career high and at 44 minutes, the album breezes by without many frills.

Rock raps, makes his point, and gets out quickly after, allowing the TDE vet to chalk up his biggest win yet.


A1 - The Bloodiest

A2 - For What It's Worth

A3 - Knock It Off

A4 - ES Tales

A5 - Rotation 112th

A6 - Tap Out (ft Jeremih)

B7 - OSOM (ft J. Cole

B8 - King's Dead (ft Future)

B9 - Troopers

B10 - Broke +-

B11 - Wow Freestyle (ft Kendrick Lamar)

B12 - Redemption (ft SZA)

B13 - Win

Rap or Go to the League

2 Chainz

Rap or Go to the League

2 Chainz

The Atlanta rapper rewrites the rulebook on winning on his most thoughtful album.

Rap or Go to the League feels like a personal triumph. There are more eye-popping 2 Chainz raps and more epic 2 Chainz songs elsewhere, but this album offers of 2 Chainz as a man and artist. It finds him retracing his own steps, looking to the world beyond himself, and seeking a way forward for others


A1 - Forgiven

A2 - Threat 2 Society

A3 - Money In The Way

A4 - Statute Of Limitations

B1 - High Top Versace

B2 - Whip


C1 - Momma I Hit A Lick

C2 - Rule The World

C3 - Girl's Best Friend

C4 - 2 Dollar Bill

D2 - I'm Not Crazy Life Is

D3 - Sam

Big Bad


Big Bad


The London rapper’s fifth album reinforces his dominance of the UK scene and marks his increasing cachet in international waters, but the decision to sing might be the wrong kind of risk-taking.

Giggs is at his best while rhyming simple, fearlessly well-timed, cryptic truisms about the rougher edges of urban life, as calibrated by his razor-sharp mind and communicated via a slang dictionary that he's kept tight to his chest for over a decade. Big Bad... overflows with different iterations of this strength.


A1 - Great Collectives (featuring Gashi)

A2 - Set It Off

A3 - 187

A4 - Baby

A5 - Spun It

B6 - Mic Check (featuring Jadakiss)

B7 - Show Me Respect

B8 - Talk About It (featuring Kristian Hamilton and Theophilus London)

B9 - Don't Go Hungry (featuring Labrinth)

C11 - Nostalgia (featuring Lil Yachty)

C12 - Hold Up (featuring French Montana)

C13 - You Ain't...

C14 - Who

D15 - Turnt

D16 - Terminator (featuring Swizz Beatz)

D17 - Gwop Expenses (featuring Wretch 32)

D18 - Shade

The World Is Yours 2

Rich The Kid

The World Is Yours 2

Rich The Kid

While Rich's hyperconfident personality is in full focus, The World Is Yours 2 is elevated to a higher plane by its smart production and who's-who of guest rappers. Although the surplus of features is at times overwhelming, The World Is Yours 2, is an extremely strong sophomore album



A1- World Is Yours 2 (Intro)
A2 - Slide
A3 - Splashin
A4 - Fall Threw
A5 - Save That
A6 - Two Cups
A7 - Racks Today
A8 - Woah
B1 - Tic Toc
B2 - Wrong Thing
B3 - 4 Phones
B4 - Rockets
B5 - Like Mike
B6 - Racks Out
B7 - Ring Ring
B8 - For Keeps

The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

The Streets

The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

The Streets

Welcome to Mike Skinner: the being dead famous and realising it’s “a load of boring shite” years

Mike Skinner follows two brave, brilliant records with an album chiefly about fame and its attendent trappings.

The first two LPs found him clambering for closer contact with the people around him; this record takes place almost entirely in his own head, where he's either engaged in a struggle to stay on the right side of sanity (and possibly sobriety) or to keep his misanthropy contained.


A1 - Prangin' Out

A2 - War of the Sexes

A3 - The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

B1 - All Goes Out the Window

B2 - Memento Mori

B3 - Can't Con an Honest John

C1 - When You Wasn't Famous

C2 - Never Went to Church

C3 - Hotel Expressionism

D1 - Two Nations

D2 - Fake Streets Hats

Don't Sweat the Technique

Eric B. & Rakim

Don't Sweat The Technique

Eric B. & Rakim

The music Eric B. and Rakim make kicks because it sneaks into the ear like careless whispers before exploding on the brain like dynamite.

On Don’t Sweat the Technique, their majestic fourth album, Eric and Rakim expound further on the funky-fresh aesthetic. Don’t Sweat the Technique activates the mind — it’s erotic, playful, violent, dramatic, funky, jazzy and definitely dope.


A1 - What's On Your Mind

A2 - Teach The Children

A3 - Pass The Hand Grenade

A4 - Casualties Of War

A5 - Rest Assured

A6 - The Punisher

B1 - Relax With Pep

B2 - Keep The Beat

B3 - What's Going On

B4 - Know The Ledge

B5 - Don't Sweat The Technique

B6 - Kick Along

Milky Way


Milky Way is Bas more in his element than his past releases. It’s a self-assured, eclectic, mix of sonic elements that fit together with the ease of a children’s puzzle.

Milky Way is a carefully curated collection of controlled experimentation that works as separate pieces and as a whole. If — like he suggests — he’s giving New York City a “whole new sound,” then the future sounds … milky.


A1 - Icarus (featuring Ari Lennox)

A2 - Front Desk

A3 - Tribe (with J. Cole)

A4 - Boca Raton (with ASAP Ferg)

A5 - Barack Obama Special

A6 - Purge

B1 - Fragrance (featuring Correy C)

B2 - Infinity

B3 - Infinity+2" (featuring Correy C)

B4 - Sanufa

B5 - Great Ones

B6 - PDA

B7 - Designer

B8 - Spaceships + Rockets (featuring LION BABE, Moe Moks & mOma+Guy)


Rick Ross


Rick Ross

Rap's own Jordan Belfort doesn't have to be likeable to impress

There’s no doubting that the beats on Mastermind, as you would expect from a production roster including Kanye West, Jake One, JUSTICE League and The Weeknd, are exceptional, lush and bombastic and full of zaftig soul samples.

So, really, it’s all down to Rick and whether he shows up. And he does. On The Devil Is A Lie, on which Jay Z also kills it, he is almost possessed, roaring and gasping his lyrics. West’s contribution, Sanctified, is a glorious snail’s-pace gush of braggadocio (not convinced that being “the fresh David Koresh” is much of a boast though), likewise the ragga-heavy Mafia Music III.


A1 - Intro

A2 - Rich Is Gangsta

A3 - Drug Dealer's Dream

A4 - Shots Fired

A5 - Nobody (ft French Montana)

A6 - The Devil Is A Lie (ft Jay-Z)

B1 - Mafia Music III (ft Mavado, Sizzla)

B2 - War Ready (ft – Jeezy)

B3 - What A Shame (ft French Montana)

B4 - Supreme

C1 - Blk & Wht

C2 - Dope Bitch (Skit)

C3 - In Vein (ft The Weeknd)

C4 - Sanctified (ft Big Sean, Kanye West)

C5 - Walkin' On Air (ft Meek Mill)

D1 - Thug Cry (ft Lil Wayne)

D2 - Blessing In Disguise (ft – Scarface (3), Z-Ro)

D3 - Paradise Lost

D4 - You Know I Got It (Reprise)

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