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Saturday night fever

One of the greatest hip hop albums ever made, now at £60 off RRP for a limited time


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In this boxset

What is in the box
2 x LPs
Petal-covered 12’ picture discs
22-tarot card set
Stunning 64-page book with exclusive behind the scenes photos
What is in the box

About the boxset

Critically acclaimed as an absolute classic of the alternative hip-hop genre, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde has shipped over a million units worldwide and garnered the group justifiable comparisons to De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.

The very definition of a crossover record, outlets ranging from Pitchfork to The Source have hailed it as one of the greatest albums ever made. NME calls it “… a cartoon-strip of blunt-smoking antics, sexual innuendo and unashamed political incorrectness, crammed with infectious beats.”

Listening to “Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde” 25 years after its release, its sense of timeliness is unmistakable. Every song on the album inverts a hoary hip-hop cliché. With classics like ‘Oh Shit,’ ‘Otha Fish’, ‘Ya’ Mama,’ and the now-ubiquitous US No 1 hit ‘Passin’ Me By,’ this boxset remains essential and enduringly unique – a rite of passage for any serious Hip-Hop head.

Album Image

Track listing

Side A

A1 June

A2 Hunger

A3 South London Forever

A4 Big God

A5 Sky Full of Song

Side B

B5 No Choir

B1 Grace

A2 Patricia

A3 100 Years

A4 The End of Love

A5 No Choir

Side C

C1 Hunger (Acoustic)

C1 South London Forever (Acoustic)

Side D

D1 Patricia (Acoustic)