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Sounds of the Stratosphere

A modern collection of dreamy records to take you to another planet


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Though it’s been a well-established genre for over 40 years, ambient music continues to evolve thanks to some of the world's most progressive and cutting-edge musicians. This VinylBox collection contains work by some of the genre’s contemporary exponents as well as historically important albums that helped to establish ambient music as a viable artform. 


What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection of eight:

Music For Films

Brian Eno

Music For Films

Brian Eno

Another iconic album from a master of their craft

The mid-'70s were still a rather angry period in electronic music at the academic level. Eno's approach differed significantly from both that, and from others, in that his music was not pop-oriented either. Music for Films is the unrecognized link between Discreet Music and Music for Airports -- it is essential Eno, and a landmark collection drawn from among his work.


A1 AragonBass

A2 From The Same Hill

A3 Inland Sea

A4 Two Rapid Formations

A5 Slow Water

A6 Sparrowfall (1)

A7 Sparrowfall (2)

A8 Sparrowfall (3)

A9 Alternative 3

B1 Quartz

B2 Events In Dense Fog

B3 There Is Nobody'

B4 Patrolling Wire Borders

B5 A Measured Room

B6 Task Force

B7 M386

B8 Strange Light

B9 Final Sunset

Songs From Before

Max Richter

Songs From Before

Max Richter

The modern classical musician authors his most cohesive album to date, a record characterised by its brevity and near-pop dynamics.

This is quicker music for a quicker world, and it's Richter's most cohesive album to date.

The result is a satisfying 12-part suite that rewards repeated listening. There are strong melodies to complement the atmospherics and static: emotional pieces such as Autumn Music and Sunlight could happily find their way into the classical repertoire. Richter has an understanding of electronics that complements his use of conventional scoring, but he also knows when to hit the off switch.


1. Song

2. Flowers for Yulia

3. Fragment

4. Harmonium

5. Ionosphere

6. Autumn Music 1

7. Time Passing

8. Sunlight

9. Lullaby

10. Autumn Music 2

11. Verses

12. From the Rue Vilin


Lucas Vidal


Lucas Vidal

Classic music meets electronic and the mix is wonderful

Lucas Vidal is a Spanish composer who is best known for scores such as Fast and Furious 6, The Raven with John Cusack as well as The Cold Light of Day with Bruce Willis. The music of KARMA is a menagerie of musical genres from classical, jazz and pop infused with an electronica vibe.


1, Happiness

2. A+B

3. Double Troublespo

4. Serendipity

5. Run

6. nterlude

7. Napoleon's Dream

8. Karmaya

9. Mist

10. Over And Out


J Colleran


J Colleran

The second project from the incredible Irish talent Jack Colleran

Jack Colleran’s debut record under his former MMOTH’s alias was praised for its chillwave aesthetic and coming of age intricacy.

On 'Gardenia', his debut project under a new ambient focused moniker J Colleran, the artist has transcended into a world of beauty, sadness, hopefulness and hopelessness and found comfort within its organic and inspiring home.


1. Sun Line

2. Bera

3. Freesia I

4. Joye 1:2

5. And The Sky Cracked For The First Time

6. Freesia II

7. Polypia

8. Granu

Matthias & Maxime

Jean-Michel Blais

Matthias & Maxime

Jean-Michel Blais

Blais takes his inspiration from famous classical piano works (Chopin etc) along with lesser known or more leftfield composers from Steve Reich to Chilly Gonzales.

Matthias & Maxime is a film directed by Xavier Dolan about two friends who are cast in intimate roles opposite each other in a short film. The feelings this awakens tests everything about their relationship and themselves. The soundtrack was written by French-Canadian composer Jean-Michel Blais.


1. L'Amitie

2, Les Feuilles Mortes

3. Le Lac

4. La Blessure I

5. Le Souper

6. La Solitude

7. La Blessure II

8. Une Forme D'Amour

9. La Ferme

10. Un Autre Amour

The Classics

James Horner

The Classics

James Horner

A collection of reworked iconic movie classics

A work of great passion and the sheer craftsmanship, featuring songs from movies including Titantic, Troy, Apollo 13, Spiderman and Avatar


1. My Heart Will Go On (From Titanic)

2. The Rooftop Kiss (From The Amazin Spider-man)

3. Willow's Theme (From Willow)

4. Theme" (From Cocoon)

5. Main Title (From Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan)

6. I See You (From Avatar)

7. Field Of Dreams (From Field Of Dreams)

8. Somewhere Out There (From American Tale)

9. For The Love Of A Princess (From Braveheart)

10. The Ludlows (From Legends Of The Fall)

11. Jake's First Flight (From Avatar)

12. Boys Playing Airplanes (From The Boy In Striped Pyjamas)

13. Main Title (From Apollo 13)

14. Briseis & Achilles (From Troy)

Karma & Desire


Karma & Desire


The UK luminary drops his prettiest record to date.

Actress has been something of a force of nature within electronic music and club culture. His latest album Karma & Desire brings out the different iterations of his sound into something more introspective. Where his previous solo album AZD (2017) focused on the life-as-chrome and machinic selfhood, this album is trying to think in terms of organic viscerality through ideas of reincarnation and karmic action.


A1 - Fire And Light

A2 - Angels Pharmacy feat. Zsela

A3 - Remembrance feat. Zsela

A4 - Reverend

B1 - Leaves Against The Sky

B2 - Save

B3. - VVY feat. Sampha


B5 - Gliding Squares

C1 - Many Seas, Many Rivers feat. Sampha

C2 - Loveless feat. Aura T-09

C3 - Public Life feat. Vanessa Benelli Mosell

C4 - Fret

D1 - Loose feat. Christel Well

D2 - Turin feat. Aura T-09

D3 - Diamond X

D4 - Walking Flames feat. Sampha

Symbolic Use Of Light


Symbolic Use Of Light


A brilliant female DJ to add to your collection

The Kansas-bred, New York-based DJ has been stripping techno to its essentials. Yet Emma Olson’s latest contains so much to admire in its emptiness; each track is a glimpse into something larger.

Like much of her work throughout her career, each of these tracks feels like a glimpse of something larger. You won’t get the full picture from any single track, but let the whole album sink in, and you begin hearing the implicit connections that link them all.


1. Full

2. Weight

3. Symbolic Use Of Light

4. Where Is She

5. Path

6. Pop

7. Sweep

8. Wingless Victory

9. Full 2

What is in the box

What's in the Box

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What is in the box

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