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Summer Serotonin

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About This Box

Summer Jams includes albums that chime with the vacation season; the summer-vibed soulfulness of the British singer Nao (who describes her music as “wonky funk”) and the dramatic pop of the Oscar-winning Sam Smith.


In addition, from America, you’ll discover the trippy jazz-funk of bassist/singer Thundercat and the joyous west coast R&B grooves that have become the specialty of the Californian singer/drummer Anderson .Paak.

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection of eight:


Anderson .Paak


Anderson .Paak

This is a simple collection of woozy slow-jams and blissed-out recollections

The fourth full-length studio release for the Southern California artist features guest appearances from André 3000, Brandy, Nate Dogg, Sonyae Elise, Lalah Hathaway, Smokey Robinson, and Jazmine Sullivan.


A1 - Come Home 

A2 - Make It Better 

A3 - Reachin’ 2 Much 

A4 - Winners Circle 

A5 - Good Heels 

B1 - Yada Yada 

B2 - King James 

B3 - Chosen One 

B4 - Jet Black 

B5 - Twilight 

B6 - What Can We Do?

Tamba Trio - Avanco

Tamba Trio


Tamba Trio

A soothing brazilian Jazz album, featuring 'Mas Que Nada,' Tamba Trio's greatest and most famous recording

Other highlights include their versions of "Garota de Ipanema," "So Danço Samba," and "Vento do Mar."


A1 - Garôta De Ipanema

A2 - Mas, Que Nada !

A3 - Negro

A4 - Mania De Maria

A5 - Vento Do Mar

A6 - Sonho De Maria

B1 - Só Danço Samba

B2 - O Samba Da Minha Terra

B3 - Môça Flor

B4 - Rio

B5 - Tristeza De Nós Dois

B6 - Esperança

Various Artists

The Complete Cuban Jam

The Complete Cuban Jam

Various Artists

An incredible box set packed with the best of Cuban Jazz - the soundtrack to your Summer

Just as American jazz musicians of the 1950s typically headed off to jam sessions following their last sets at clubs, Cuban musicians did the same in Havana. 

Musicians who dressed in guarachera shirts to play for tourists in hotel ballrooms slipped into button-down shirts and slacks after work at 3 a.m. and headed off to play for themselves. In some cases, they wound up at the recording studio of Ramo´n Sabat's Panart Records. There, a dozen or so guests stood along the studio's perimeter waiting to enjoy the music. Musicians and guests were usually fortified by food and rum and cola, creating a party atmosphere. 

The results of these early-morning gatherings were five albums entitled Cuban Jam Session Vol. 1-5.


Cuban Jam Session Under The Direction Of Julio Gutiérrez / Volume 1 

A1 - Introduction 

A2 - Theme On Perfidia 

A3 - Theme On Mambo 

A4 - Cimarron

B1 - Theme On Cha Cha Cha 

B2 - Opus For Dancing 

B3 - Theme For Conga 


Cuban Jam Session Under The Direction Of Julio Gutiérrez / Volume 2 

C1 - Jam Session (Descarga Caliente) D1 - Rumba Theme 

D2 - Listen To The Rhythm Of The ChaChaCha 

D3 - Bata Rhythm 


Cuban Jam Session Under The Direction Of Niño Rivera / Volume 3 

E1 - Montuno – Swing 

E2 - Montuno – Guajiro 

F1 - Cha Cha Cha Montuno 

F2 - Guanguanco – Comparsa 


Cuban Jam Session In Miniature "Descargas" / Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente 

G1 - Trombon Criollo 

G2 - Controversia De Metales 

G3 - Estudio En Trompeta 

G4 - Guajeo De Saxos 

G5 - Oye Mi Tres Montuno 

G6 - Malanga Amarilla 

H1 - Cogele El Golpe 

H2 - Pamparana 

H3 - Descarga Cuban

H4 - Goza Mi Trompeta 

H5 - A Gozar Timbero 

H6 - Sorpresa De Flauta 


Cuban Jam Session With Fajardo And His All-Stars / Volume 5 

I1 - Juaniquita I2 - Pa’ Coco Solo I3 - Busco Una Chinita 

I4 - Guajirando 

J1 - Goza El Montuno 

J2 - Vamos A Gozar 

J3 - La Flauta De Jose 

J4 - José Fajardo – La Charanga

The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (10th Anniversary Edition)


The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (10th Anniversary Edition)


Stephen 'Thundercat' Bruner's densely layered debut (co-produced with Flying Lotus) mixes the future shock of electronics, the tightly edited pleasures of pop, the love-sick opulence of quiet-storm soul, and the showstopper instrumental breaks of jazz

Brainfeeder, the LA-based record label founded by Flying Lotus, salutes the 10th anniversary of Thundercat’s mercurial debut album from 2011 – The Golden Age of Apocalypse – with a luxurious deluxe vinyl edition comprising a translucent red LP housed in a beautiful shiny gold mirri board sleeve with a large Thundercat logo hologram sticker and gold rainbow holofoil detail.


A1 - Hooooooo 

A2 - Daylight 

A3 - Fleer Ultra 

A4 - Is It Love? 

A5 - For Love (I Come Your Friend) 

A6 - It Really Doesn't Matter To You 

A7 - Jamboree 

B1 - Boat Cruise 

B2 - Seasons 

B3 - Goldenboy 

B4 - Walkin' 

B5 - Mystery Machine (The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse) 

B6 - Return To The Journey 

B7 - $200 TB B8 - Daylight (Reprise


And Then Life Was Beautiful


And Then Life Was Beautiful


After rediscovering her creative spark, Nao turns her organic-sounding third album into a kaleidoscopic testament to the pains and pleasures of modern love and the healing process they inspire.

At the start of her career, Nao played around with electronic synths, before moving to the more commercial pop-R&B of ‘Saturn’. With this album, there’s a deeper appreciation for the genre. ‘And Then Life Was Beautiful’ truly is a true celebration of R&B, yet – despite its nostalgic nods – Nao has still created a record that doesn't sound like anyone else. 


If you need to do a little soul-searching yourself, this soulful record is a good place to start.


A1 - And Then Life Was Beautiful 

A2 - Messy Love 

A3 - Glad That You've Gone 

A4 - Antidote 

A5 - Burn Out 

A6 - Wait 

A7 - Good Luck 

B8 - Nothing's for Sure 

B9 - Woman 

B10 - Better Friend 

B11 - Postcards 

B12 - Little Giants 

B13 - Amazing Grace

Love Goes

Sam Smith

Love Goes

Sam Smith

The sound of the singer and songwriter’s third album is sweeping and luxurious: intimacy blown up to cinematic scale.

Whatever the perks of being a wallflower, they generally don't tend to apply to pop stardom — one of the few occupations with "international show pony" essentially written into the job description. 

And yet somehow, Sam Smith still landed at the centre of it all: a rare introvert in a sea of happy hedonists, spinning lonely-hearts woe into gold with silken-voiced anthems like "Stay With Me" and "Too Good at Goodbyes."


A1 - Young 

A2 - Diamonds 

A3 - Another One 

A4 - My Oasis 

A5 - So Serious 

B1 - Dance ('Til You Love Someone Else) 

B2 - For The Lover That I Lost 

B3 - Breaking Hearts 

B4 - Forgive Myself 

B5 - Love Goes 

B6 - Kids Again 

C1 - Dancing With A Stranger 

C2 - How Do You Sleep? 

C3 - To Die For 

D1 - I'm Ready 

D2 - Fire On Fire 

D3 - Promises

Burning Spear

Marcus Garvey

Burning Spear

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey a perfect album to chill out to.

Cool and mellow vibes radiate from the music provided by the Black Disciples and the vocals of Rodney and his cohorts. The lyrics are understated, yet powerful, capturing the sentiments of sections of the population of Jamaica in the mid-1970s.


A1 - Marcus Garvey 

A2 - Slavery Days

A3 - The Invasion

A4 - Live Good 

A5 - Give Me 

B1 - Old Marcus Garvey 

B2 -Tradition 

B3 - Jordan River 

B4 - Red, Gold And Green 

B5 - Resting Place


Bob Marley


Bob Marley

It's easy, joyous and, to be frank sounds like a brand new recording – such a great piece of affectionate work.

To the newcomer, Kaya could very well open the doors to a world of Bob Marley and maybe even a wider glimpse of reggae in general.


A1 - Easy Skanking 

A2 - Kaya 

A3 - Is This Love 

A4 - Sun Is Shining 

A5 - Satisfy My Soul 

B1 - She's Gone 

B2 - Misty Morning 

B3 - Crisis 

B4 - Running Away 

B5 - Time Will Tell

What is in the box

What's in the Box

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