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Sunday Mornings

Relax into your Sunday morning with this chilled out acoustic VinylBox


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About This Box

This collection offers a sonic snooze to the hustle and bustle of modern life. From woozy electronica to mellow acoustic storytelling, these records have everything you need to unwind.

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection of eight:

People and Their Dogs

Willie J Healey

People and Their Dogs

Willie J Healey

There’s no doubt there’s plenty of success on People And Their Dogs, a talent that can’t help but come out, no matter how much Healey tries to disguise it!

People And Their Dogs is the debut album of Oxfordshire singer/songwriter Willie J Healey. Grounded in observations of everyday mundanity, it is a cool breeze of youthfulness. At times it is utterly inspired and romantic.


1 - Subterraneans

2 - My Room

3 - Somewhere In Between

4 - All Those Things

5 - Love Her

6 - Would You Be

7 - Pipedreams

8 - Greys

9 - People And Their Dogs

10 - Lazy Shade of Pink

11 - Sleep All Day

12 - Marie's Balcony

13 - We Should Hang

Slow Train Coming

Bob Dylan

Slow Train Coming

Bob Dylan

Slow Train Coming is pure, true Dylan, probably the purest and truest Dylan ever. The religious symbolism is a logical progression of Dylan's Manichaean vision of life and his pain-filled struggle with good and evil

Musically, this is probably Dylan’s finest record, a rare coming together of inspiration, desire and talent that completely fuse strength, vision and art.

Bob Dylan is the greatest singer of our times. No one is better. No one, in objective fact, is even very close. His versatility and vocal skills are unmatched. His resonance and feeling are beyond those of any of his contemporaries. More than his ability with words, and more than his insight, his voice is God’s greatest gift to him.


A1 - Gotta Serve Somebody

A2 - Precious Angel

A3 - I Believe In You

A4 - Slow Train

B1 - Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking

B2 - Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)

B3 - When You Gonna Wake Up

B4 - Man Gave Names To All The Animals

B5 - When He Returns

After The Rain

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

After The Rain

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

hushed and hymnal

This York singer-songwriter has been through a lot since his 2011 debut, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm. He lost his father to cancer, and spent a dark period holed up in his late parent’s old house, trying to destroy himself. This has all had an impact on his second album, but the songs are more about renewal after turbulence than wallowing in despair.

The atmosphere is hushed and hymnal: the 26-year old’s almost-whispered vocals and gently plucked guitar glide over softly pattering drums and occasional electronics.


1. Tilikum 
2. Some Other Arms 
3. She Will Sing 
4. Kicking Roses 
5. Summer 
6. Just Breathe 
7. Cocaine Doll 
8. Groves 
9. Day By Day 
10. Immortal 
11. Mayflies 
12. Frozen Moor

The Paul Simon Songbook

Paul Simon

The Paul Simon Songbook

Paul Simon

Even if you’re not an S&G completist, though, The Paul Simon Songbook is an enjoyable listen.

For the most part, the songs are fully formed, with few revelations. “The Sounds of Silence” sounds angry and more urgent than the later version, (as does “I Am a Rock”), but it’s only by a matter of degrees


1 - I Am A Rock

2 - Leaves That Are Green

3 - A Church Is Burning

4 - April Come She Will

5 - The Sound Of Silence

6 - A Most Peculiar Man

7 - He Was My Brother

8 - Kathy's Song

9 - The Side Of A Hill

10 - A Simple Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)

11 - Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall

12 - Patterns

Thrilled To Be Here


Thrilled To Be Here


Gorgeous harmonies, striking arrangements and evocative songwriting

BAILEN’s otherworldly musicality springs from a very deep well, in fact, it’s in their DNA. Raised in New York by their classically trained parents, fraternal twins Daniel (vocals/bass/synth/guitar), David (vocals/drums), and younger sister Julia Bailen (vocals/guitar), immersed themselves in the family’s diverse record collection.

The group’s highly collaborative songs are formed by three very different individuals who were all inspired by literature and a love of language. The resulting confident, meticulous songcraft of Thrilled To Be Here is rooted in the young group’s preternatural dexterity, insight and lyrical bite.


1. Something Tells Me

2. I Was Wrong

3. Your Love Is All I Know

4. Bottle It Up

5. Stand Me Up

6. Going On A Feeling

7. Stray Dog

8. Eyelashes

9. Not Gonna Take Me

10. Rose Leaves

11. Careless Wishing



The solo debut from Warpaint's Theresa Wayman creates comfort and intimacy in a lonely, quiet place

While there’s certainly plenty here to please Warpaint fans, the album is so driven by Wayman’s personality, vivid lyricism and adventurous flair that it deserves to exist within its own realm.

With its crisp production and open-hearted approach, ‘LoveLaws’ is a record not only to be listened to from start to finish, but a ‘headphones’ album if ever there was one.

Confidently expressing vulnerability over woozy nocturnal soundscapes to create comfort and intimacy in a lonely, quiet place, ‘LoveLaws’ will be your fireside companion.


A1 Mykki

A2 I've Been Fine

A3 Love Leaks

A4 The Dream

A5 Tutorial

B1 Dram

B2 Safe

B3 Sassafras Interlude

B4 Take One

B5 Too Sweet


James Morrison


James Morrison

A 2006 classic featuring one of the finest soulful voices Britain's pop scene has ever produced

With a pleasantly soulful voice that faintly recalls Stevie Wonder, James Morrison offers several slices of polite soul-pop that deftly manage to recall the heyday of soul while still managing to sound modern -- a neat balancing trick


A1 - Under The Influence

A2 - You Give Me Something

A3 - Wonderful World

A4 - The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

A5 - One Last Chance

A6 - Undiscovered

A7 - The Letter

B1 - Call The Police

B2 - This Boy

B3 - If The Rain Must Fall

B4 - How Come

B5 - The Last Goodbye

B6 - Better Man

EDEN - No Future


No Future


Eden creates and achingly beautiful modern pop album

Dublin-bred artist EDEN (aka Jonathon Ng) achieved critical acclaim and commercial success with his starkly minimalistic take on R&B infused pop on his 2018 album, Vertigo. The follow-up No Future finds him furthering his distinctive vision as he expands his sonic palette and broadens his perspective on an achingly beautiful modern pop album.


A1 - good morning

A2 - in

A3 - hertz

A4 - static

A5 - projector

A6 - love, death, distraction

B1 - how to sleep

B2 - calm down

B3- just saying

B4 - fomo

B5 - so far so good

C1 - isohel

C2 - ???

C3 - tides

C4 - rushing

D1 - $treams

D2 - 2020

D3 - out

D4 - untitled

What is in the box

What's in the Box

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What is in the box

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