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The History of Ninja Tune Box


Ninja Tune - formed in 1990 by Matt Black and Jon More (Coldcut) - has established itself as one of the world’s leading independent labels.

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About This Box

Ninja Tune is a global music institution, synonymous with diverse, uncompromising releases and equally visionary artists committed to pushing the boundaries of music through their creativity.

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection:

Mood Valiant

Hiatus Kaiyote

At Newport 1960

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote return in 2021 with their new album Mood Valiant, on Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune.

The result is an album, bookended by Verocai’s strings, that relaxes into a groove: sunlit, sublime, masterful. Behind everything is Hiatus’ familiar sense of musical adventure, their knack for making the complex sound simple, or in their own words “wondercore”. 


Simon’s experiment with an odd rhythm in groups of 5 becomes a cascading jam called “Rose Water.” Bender and Simon’s trading of single notes, back and forth, to make a melody becomes “All The Words We Don’t Say.” Nai’s cheeky take on sex-obsessed, three-minute pop hits becomes “Chivalry Is Not Dead,” a song about the bizarre mating rituals of leopard slugs (they turn fluorescent) and seahorses (they lock tails and dance). 


The album ends with the delicate “Blood and Marrow,” a Bender bassline to which Nai and Perrin improvised, that Simon pegs as his favourite: “It’s a classic Hiatus studio song that’s got beautiful exploration and mystery.” Mood Valiant is an act of love, of courage, of altered perspective, of sister-and-brotherhood.


A1  Flight Of The Tiger Lily
A2  Sip Into Something Soft
A3  Chivalry Is Not Dead
A4  And We Go Gentle
A5  Get Sun
Featuring – Arthur Verocai
A6  All The Words We Don't Say
B1  Hush Rattle
B2  Rose Water
B3  Red Room
B4  Sparkle Tape Break Up
B5  Stone Or Lavender
B6  Blood And Marrow

What We Call Life

Jordan Rakei

What We Call Life

Jordan Rakei

What We Call Life is Rakei’s most complete album to date, a rich texture of sounds and concepts, masterfully weaved together by an artist at the top of their game.

By rights, it will become essential modern listening - a thought-provoking and utterly compelling collection of tracks, delivered with understated yet captivating style.


A1 - Family 
A2 -  Send My Love 
A3 - Illusion 
A4 - Unguarded 
A5 - Clouds 
B1 - What We Call Life 
B2 - Runaway 
B3 - Wings 
B5 - The Flood

Before I Die

Park Hye Jin

Before I Die

Park Hye Jin

Singing and rapping in Korean and English, the Los Angeles-based electronic producer takes tentative steps toward reinventing herself as a songwriter.

In the past three years,박혜진 Park Hye Jin has moved from Seoul to Melbourne to London to Los Angeles. Before I Die, her first full-length, which she made entirely during the pandemic, excavates the feelings of isolation and vulnerability triggered by those transitions: the injustice of feeling wronged, the ache of familial longing, the loss of her sense of self. 


Where 2018’s breakthrough EP If U Want It and 2020’s How Can I EP focused on dreamy house production with forays into experimental club, juke, and techno, Before I Die expands into trap, industrial techno, and downtempo alongside her typical atmospheric house productions. She also incorporates more storytelling into her lyrics this time, using Korean to illuminate specific incidents and English to convey her feelings in broad strokes. 


Overall an incredible album, which explores the contours of an emotional journey in space and time.


A1 - Let's Sing Let's Dance 

A2 - I Need You 

A3 - Before I Die 

A4 - Good Morning Good Night 

A5 - Me Trust Me 

A6 - Where Did I Go 

A7 - Never Give Up 

B1 - Can I Get Your Number 

B2 - Whatchu Doin Later 

B3 - Sex With Me (DEFG) 

B4 - Where Are You Think 

B5 - Never Die 

B6 - Hey, Hey, Hey

B7 - Sunday ASAP 

B8 - I Jus Wanna Be Happy 

C - Y Don't U 

D - Clouds

Renegade Breakdown

Renegade Breakdown

Live At Agora Ballroom

Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu

Marie Davidson is back with a new album, a new band, and a bold new sound: Renegade Breakdown on Ninja Tune.

Arriving under the banner of Marie Davidson and L’Oeil nu, a trio formed of three old-time friends and long-term collaborators with shared roots in Montreal’s DIY scene: Marie, Pierre Guerineau and Asaël R. Robitaille (the former two are also husband and wife, and partners in the group Essaie pas). 


Drawn to the idea of the eternal return, they deliver a forward-facing, innovative pop record that builds on the classic tenets of Marie’s music to create something that strikes out towards a broader audience. With dark humour and interpolated musical influences - from Fleetwood Mac to Kraftwerk, and jazz classics such as Billie Holiday and Chet Baker - they spin each of its entries in wildly imaginative directions.



A1  Renegade Breakdown
A2  Back To Rock
B1  Worst Comes To Worst
B2  Center Of The World (Kotti Blues)
B3  La Ronde
C1  C'est Parce Que J'm'en Fous
C2  Just In My Head
D1  Lead Sister
D2  My Love
D3  Sentiment





Fragments is the most emotionally intense record that he - aka Simon Green - has ever had to make. It’s no surprise that it’s also his masterpiece. The album features Jamila Woods, Joji, Kadhja Bonet, Jordan Rakei, O’Flynn and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Born first out of fragments of ideas and experimentation, the album ultimately was fused together in a burst of creativity fuelled by both collaboration and Green’s escape into the wild.


Fragments is a series of 12 sonic affirmations, featuring some of the hardest and most hip-shaking grooves that Green has ever created. The ballads are perfectly placed throughout; they capture a world in flux and glow with hope. Coaxing the ideas out initially took some hard work. The constantly-touring Green creates best while on the move; the global shutdown forced him to stand still.

Musical themes began to arise through Green’s exploration of modular synthesis, recordings he had made of harpist Lara Somogyi, his work with arranger and string player Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, his own playing of the Fender Rhodes and more, as the album was created, recorded and mixed by Green over the past two years. The album also came into focus as he sought refuge on solo adventures into nature, away from the shutdowns and wild fires and into the blazing California desert.



A1  Polyghost

A2  Shadows

A3  Rosewood 
B1  Otomo

B2  Tides

B3  From you

C1  Closer 
C2  Age of Phase 
C3  Elysian

D1  Counterpart
D2  Sapien
D3  Day by Day

The Music Scene


The Music Scene


Veteran Ninja Tune producer Blockhead returns with his best album to date. Warm, funky, inspired and eclectic, Blockhead does not disappoint.

 Blockhead has produced much of Aesop Rock's best work across several albums, in addition to production work for DJ Signify and Joanna Erdos, amongst others.


A1  It's Raining Clouds
A2  The Music Scene
A3  Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer 
A4  Attack The Doctor 
A5  The Prettiest Sea Slug 
B1  The Daily Routine 
B2  Tricky Turtle 
B3  Four Walls 
B4  Pity Party 
B5  Farewell Spaceman

Karma & Desire


Karma & Desire


The UK luminary drops his prettiest record to date.

Actress has been something of a force of nature within electronic music and club culture. His latest album Karma & Desire brings out the different iterations of his sound into something more introspective. Where his previous solo album AZD (2017) focused on the life-as-chrome and machinic selfhood, this album is trying to think in terms of organic viscerality through ideas of reincarnation and karmic action.


A1 - Fire And Light

A2 - Angels Pharmacy feat. Zsela

A3 - Remembrance feat. Zsela

A4 - Reverend

B1 - Leaves Against The Sky

B2 - Save

B3. - VVY feat. Sampha


B5 - Gliding Squares

C1 - Many Seas, Many Rivers feat. Sampha

C2 - Loveless feat. Aura T-09

C3 - Public Life feat. Vanessa Benelli Mosell

C4 - Fret

D1 - Loose feat. Christel Well

D2 - Turin feat. Aura T-09

D3 - Diamond X

D4 - Walking Flames feat. Sampha

To Believe

The Cinematic Orchestra

To Believe

The Cinematic Orchestra

Cinematic Orchestra stalwarts Jason Swinscoe and Dominic Smith have ensnared contributions from Moses Sumney, Roots Manuva, Heidi Vogel, Grey Reverend, Dorian Concept, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Taiwah on an album mixed by Tom ‘I’ve got a Grammy’ Elmhirst.

Cinematic Orchestra stalwarts Jason Swinscoe and Dominic Smith have ensnared contributions from Moses Sumney, Roots Manuva, Heidi Vogel, Grey Reverend, Dorian Concept, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Taiwah on an album mixed by Tom ‘I’ve got a Grammy’ Elmhirst. Evocative warm guitar notes float and land gently. Powerful and sorrowful vocals release delicately placed notes and sublime harmonies. Orchestrated strings soar around smooth jazzy moods and electronics to swim in a wondrous sea of glory.



A1 - To Believe

A2 - A Caged Bird / Imitations Of Life

B1 - Lessons
B2 - Wait For Now / Leave The World

C1 - The Workers Of Art 
C2 - Zero One / This Fantasy

D1 - A Promise

What is in the box

What's in the Box

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What is in the box

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