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Ranging from the neo-glam dance grooves of the Scissor Sisters to the rough and ready indie rock of Twin Peaks and sheer pop perfection of Britney Spears, US Sounds Of The Radio presents a collection of music by artists whose fame was undoubtedly accelerated by their regular exposure over America’s airwaves.  

What you’ll be listening to...

Your box will include a handpicked selection of two or three albums from this collection:


Britney Spears


Britney Spears

By eschewing the harsh, dubstep-influenced EDM of her past two albums and embracing subtler pop and R&B sounds, Britney's made her most daring, mature album in years.

Glory is a welcome comeback for a true pop visionary nobody expected to stick around long enough for a third album, much less a ninth. Has any star pulled off as many comebacks as Britney? 


Nearly 20 years after “Baby One More Time,” people still act shocked when Britney  refuses to fade away like the disposable pop trinket they desperately hoped she’d be, which keeps raising the question of how many great hits she needs to score before she finally gets credit as one of the all-time brilliant hitmakers. 


Every time she jumps back in the game, the world gives her that look like Kim Cattrall in the Crossroads scene where Britney shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her daughter. But she’s still going because nobody else can do what she does. No singer has ever captured the needy party-girl blues like Britney.


A1 - Invitation 

A2 - Make Me... 

A3 - Private Show 

A4 - Man On The Moon 

A5 - Just Luv Me 

B1 - Clumsy 

B2 - Do You Wanna Come Over? 

B3 - Slumber Party 

B4 - Just Like Me 

B5 - Love Me Down 

B6 - Hard To Forget Ya 

C1 - What You Need 

C2 - Better 

C3 - Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 

C4 - Liar 

C5 - If I'm Dancing 

C6 - Coupure Électrique 

D1 - Mood Ring (By Demand) 

D2 - Swimming In The Stars 

D3 - Matches 

D4 - Mood Ring (By Demand) (Pride Remix) 

D5 - Mood Ring (By Demand) (Wuki Remix) 

D6 - Mood Ring (By Demand) (Ape Drums Remix)


Maroon 5


Maroon 5

Maroon 5 Get Reflective on JORDI

Maroon 5 may not be known for creating unique tracks or exploring outside of their comfort zone, but we all have to admit that when songs like 'She Will Be Loved' and 'Payphone' come on the radio, we can’t help but sing along. Maroon 5 is reliable with their sugary lyrics and use of mainstream pop trends. But that’s why we listen to their music. We turn on Maroon 5 when we want a sugar high.


A1  Beautiful Mistakes Featuring – Megan Thee Stallion Featuring  

A2  Lost 

A3  Echo Featuring – blackbear Featuring 

A4  Lovesick 

A5  Remedy Featuring – Stevie Nicks 

A6  Seasons 

A7  One Light Featuring – Bantu 

B1  Convince Me Otherwise Accompanied By – H.E.R.

B2  Nobody's Love 

B3  Can't Leave You Alone Featuring – Juice WRLD 

B4  Memories 

B5  Memories Remix Featuring – Nipsey Hussle

B6  Button Featuring – Anuel AA, Tainey

B7  Lifestyle Featuring – Jason Derulo




One Republic

OneRepublic’s new album Human lives up to its title with a collection of introspective and largely relatable tracks.

OneRepublic have delivered once again, giving us an album that is completely true to their instantly recognisable style without the risk of sounding outdated. Having drip-fed us a handful of singles over the last two years, the full album is finally here: innovative and mostly memorable with some standout tunes. The opening track and fifth single Run is worth a mention even if it has been out for a few months now. By far the most ‘OneRepublic’ song on the record, it’s impossible not to love from the very beginning, with the whistled motif and the rhythmic guitar throughout the intro. The catchy motifs continue in the single Someday, released at the same time as the album itself, whilst lead vocalist Ryan Tedder showcases his impeccable range and powerful falsetto in Distance.


A1 Run  

A2 Distance  

A3 Someday  

A4 Didn't I  

A5 Rescue Me  

A6 Savior  

B7 Take Care Of You  

B8 Forgot About You  

B9 Somebody To Love 

B10 Wanted  

B11 Take It Out On Me  

B12 Better Days  

B13 Lose Somebody Performer – Kygo

Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016

Maggie Rogers

Notes from the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016

Maggie Rogers

The pop-folk darling releases her back catalogue on her latest record, explores nostalgia, exposes creative process.

Maggie Rogers offers an album full of melancholia and beauty.

Blood Ballet’s tracks are more mellow than the ones that precede them and showcase a period of experimentation in both the structure and production of her tracks. “Symmetry” features a haunting piano track that backs Rogers’s airy falsetto vocal line. “New Song” — a sprawling six-and-a-half-minute track featuring her college bandmate Holden Jaffe (known professionally as Del Water Gap) — starts as a seemingly modest duet but builds into a gut-wrenching ballad backed by acoustic guitars. 


Their vocals on the track blend together seamlessly, and the melodies are so powerful and all-consuming that they almost leave you feeling empty when the song ends. The final part of Notes features work from Rogers’s first EP, The Echo, which was released just as she was graduating from high school. Her folk roots take center stage on these tracks, featuring banjo-focused production and the type of nostalgic storytelling lyrics that define the genre. “Kids Like Us” might be the best example. Featuring just Rogers’ vocals and a banjo, she laments: “And on the eve of my fifth birthday / When my father found me in tears / And I’ve always been fearless / But scared of oncoming years.”


Ultimately, an album like this one feels refreshing. The rise to pop stardom often appears easy, instantaneous and predestined. Notes is a direct rebuttal to that narrative, and it showcases the years of hard work and creative growth that go into building a career as an artist.


A1  Celadon & Gold 

A2  Together 

A3  Steady Now 

A4  One More Afternoon 

B1  Blood Ballet 

B2  Resonant Body 

B3  Symmetry 

B4  Little Joys 

C1  On The Page 

C2  James 

C3  (Does It Feel Slow?) Featuring – Del Water Gap

C4  New Song Featuring – Del Water Gap

D1  Anybody 

D2  Kids Like Us 

D3  Wolves 

D4  Satellite

Lookout Low

Twin Peaks

Lookout Low

Twin Peaks

Playing together since 2010, Twin Peaks aren’t afraid to evolve and Lookout Low is one of their best examples of that.

There’s a considerable sonic shift to Lookout Low. Parts of it feel a lot more sombre than their past offerings, but it’s a welcome change from the 100-miles-an-hour anthems they have churned out on the likes of Wild Onion and Sunken. This album is raw, honest and clearly showcases the best of their talents as a well-oiled live unit.


A1  Casey's Groove 

A2  Laid In Gold 

A3  Better Than Stoned 

A4  Unfamiliar Sun 

A5  Dance Through It 

B1  Lookout Low 

B2  Ferry Song 

B3  Under A Smile 

B4  Oh Mama 

B5  Sunken II

After Hours

The Weeknd

After Hours

The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye finally delivers on his long-running vision, leveraging a self-loathing villain into an irresistible, cinematic narrative with his most satisfying collision of new wave, dream pop, and R&B.

Despite all these textbook Weekndisms, Tesfaye wants us to know he’s struggling to reconcile the sinner he once was with the man he’s trying to become. He may not be the dysfunctional addict of the Trilogy years, but he’s also not willing to be the partner a woman might need him to be. What more can you expect out of pop music’s antihero? 


There is not a single song on the album that colors outside the lines he established nine years ago, but his narrow focus has paid off: He’s finally found harmony between the enigmatic noir-pop that broke him to the blogs and the arena-worthy ambition that launched him into the mainstream. It’s hard to tell where the universe of listeners fixated on filling spiritual voids through sex, drugs, and romance ends and the universe of the Weeknd’s tortured, empty melancholy and drunken, devastating love begins. That’s the beautiful blur of After Hours.


A1  Alone Again 4:10 

A2  Too Late 3:59 

A3  Hardest To Love 3:31 

A4  Scared To Live 3:11 

B1  Snow Child 4:07 

B2  Escape From LA 5:55 

B3  Heartless 3:21 

B4  Faith 4:43 

C1  Blinding Lights 3:21 

C2  In Your Eyes 3:57 

C3  Save Your Tears 3:35 

D1  Repeat After Me (Interlude) 3:15 

D2  After Hours 6:01 

D3  Until I Bleed Out 3:12 

Father of Asahd

DJ Khaled

Father of Asahd

DJ Khaled

It's 'another one' from Khaled - but the DJ/producer/hype man's latest star-studded effort is by far his most accomplished album yet

The record is at its best when the tone becomes more reflective and Khaled behaves less like an overexcited puppy, allowing his guest stars to slow things down a notch or two. Jamaican singer Buju Banton talks about young black men finding holiness despite a life filled with obstacles on Holy Ground, and the acoustic guitar sample taken from Lauryn Hill’s ‘To Zion’ is just as soothing as you remember. The atmospheric ‘Holy Mountain’, an ode to smoking a spliff a day to keep the evil away, is also brilliant, with DJ Khaled and trap reggae an unlikely winning combination. In conclusion, it's "another one" from Khaled - but the DJ/producer/hype man's latest star-studded effort is by far his most accomplished album yet.



A1  Holy Mountain Featuring – 070 Shake, Buju Banton, Mavado, Sizzla

A2  Wish Wish Featuring – 21 Savage, Cardi B

A3  Jealous Featuring – Big Sean, Chris Brown 

B1  Just Us Featuring – SZA 

B2  You Stay Featuring – J. Balvin, Jeremih, Lil Baby, Meek Mill 

B3  Celebrate Featuring – Post Malone, Travis Scott 

B4  Higher Featuring – John Legend, Nipsey Hussle 

C1  Won't Take My Soul Featuring – Ceelo Green*, Nas 

C2  Weather The Storm Featuring – Lil Baby, Meek Mill 

C3  Big Boy Talk Featuring – Rick Ross, Young Jeezy 

C4  Freak N You Featuring – Gunna, Lil Wayne 

D1  Top Off Featuring – B*, Future (4), Jay-Z 

D2  No Brainer Featuring – Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo 

D3  Thank You Featuring – Big Sean 

D4  Holy Ground Featuring – Buju Banton

Scissor Sisters - Ta Dah!

Scissor Sisters

Ta Dah!

Scissor Sisters

The second album from the disco-tinged group is even more streamlined, pop-minded, and high-spirited than its 2004 self-titled debut.

Having successfully avoided one-hit wonder status, Scissor Sisters tread confidently throughout Ta-Dah, perhaps due to the guiding hand of Elton John’s mentorship, but more likely because the band realizes that no amount of cavity-inducing hooks will capture Stateside attentions, so why not go for broke? The irrepressible lead single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” is a gleeful ode to being miserable at home on a Friday night while “I Can’t Decide,” Ta-Dah’s best cut, might be the jauntiest track ever recorded about homicide.

Bursting at the seams with sounds that fell out of favour around the same time as slap bracelets, Ta-Dah is a futuristic glance back, an album that seamlessly fuses swaggering discotheque beats with exuberant 21st-century sexuality.


A1 I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

A2 She's My Man

A3 I Can't Decide

B1 Lights

B2 Land Of A Thousand Words

B3 Intermission

C1 Kiss You Off

C2 Ooh

C3 Paul McCartney

D1 The Other Side

D2 Might Tell You Tonight

D3 Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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