The Jazz Bar

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The Jazz Bar

Jazz can mean different things to different people. For some, it is defined by virtuosic instrumentalists - saxophonists like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, for example, who both revolutionised and redefined jazz - while for others, it is about unique singers who possessed the mentality of horn players; like Ella Fitzgerald, whose caressing purity of tone belied her ability to do jaw-dropping vocal gymnastics. 


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Your box will include three albums from our current collection of eight albums:

It's Too Late
Wilson Pickett

Etta James
At Last

Little Blue Girl
Nina Simone

Night Beat
Sam Cooke

More Trouble
Marvin Gaye

Motown Rare and Unreleased
Various Artists

Nat King Cole & Me
Gregory Porter and Nat King Cole

Pain In My Heart
Otis Redding

What's in the box?

2x or 3x surprise albums

Each VinylBox contains carefully selected albums; a headliner, a household name and a hidden gem. (Don’t worry, before we ship, you can take a peek and veto an album or two.)

2x Exclusive Art Cards

Partnering with the EMI Archive Trust, each VinylBox contains two beautiful art cards, depicting moments from music history.

1x VinylBox sleeve note

Our beautiful sleeve notes produced in collaboration Universal Music’s uDiscover team offer stories into some of music’s most fascinating movements, artists and albums.

About this collection

Introducing The Jazz Bar

Jazz can mean different things to different people. The music continues to evolve, grow and move in exciting new directions. Those developments add to the richness of a history that is brought to life by VinylBox’s jazz collection, where icons sit alongside lesser-known figures and reveal the music’s astonishing diversity.
Picture of VinylBox curator Gordon Smart


Gordon Smart

Gordon Smart is our Head of Music at VinylBox - he has lived and breathed music all his life, hosting shows on Radio X for 10 years between 2011 and 2020. He is also a partner of This Feeling, a music platform covering the indie scene.


"I received my box today and was completely thrilled! Such a great selection, love the quality of the information included in the box and the postcards are a great touch. Have already recommend to friends!"

Ida Weatherall

"Good selection of vinyl, all new and packaged well. The art cards received are nice doubling up as post cards on the back. Value for money is tip top too and would recommend as a means of finding new music and broadening your collection."

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"So happy with everything. I ordered one of the collections as a gift and it all went swimmingly. The delivery was as promised and the surprise of the actual records was such fun. My friend loved them! What a great idea for a gift."

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