Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Mathew & Son

Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Mathew & Son

Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Having grown up above his parent’s café in the heart of London’s West End, Cat Stevens emerged from the folk club scene to release his debut album, Matthew and Son, in 1967 on the newly established Deram label. It reached number 7 in the UK charts and supported by the singles I Love My Dog and Matthew and Son – the latter reaching number 2 in the UK charts – elevated him to the status of a teen idol. Simultaneously, Cat’s songs were being recorded by other artists such as The Tremoloes who had a hit with Here Comes My Baby, also in 1967, which helped to establish his reputation as a truly gifted songwriter.

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  1. Matthew & Son
  2. I Love My Dog
  3. Here Comes My Baby
  4. Bring Another Bottle Baby
  5. Portobello Road
  6. I've Found a Love
  7. I See a Road
  8. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
  9. Granny
  10. When I Speak to the Flowers
  11. The Tramp
  12. Come on and Dance
  13. Hummingbird

Product Details

  • Format: Vinyl 12" Album
  • Genre: Folk, Pop, Rock
  • Release Date: 11th March 1967