The Evolution of Ibiza

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The Evolution of Ibiza

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Les Plus Grands Success De Chic - Chic's Greatest Hits

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OTHERLiiNE (George FitzGerald)


Love and Dancing
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The Vision
The Vision


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About this collection

Introducing The Evolution of Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is just over 90 miles and a two-hour ferry ride from the Spanish mainland; but for those that travel there for its vibrant, non-stop party nightlife, it feels like a world away. An obscure haven for hippies and reclusive rock stars in the 70s who were drawn to its undulating hills and near-deserted beaches, Ibiza's popularity as a holiday destination rose dramatically after the British pop duo Wham! shot the video for their single "Club Tropicana" there in 1983. By the end of the decade, Ibiza had become a Mecca for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and the capital of club-culture tourism.
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